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Jared Betts


Jared Betts is an up and coming mixed media painter. His works hover between abstraction and representation, somewhere between fiction and reality. Dreams and thoughts are brought to life to create surreal worlds that defy law and reason. “I seek to give a voice to unspoken emotion and the endless static noise of the mind.”

His work embodies neo-pop art and culture, breaking down stereotypes and conventions through the use of vibrant colours, juxtaposition of pattern, layering and imagery culled from childhood, fashion and mass media.

Jared studied animation in Miramichi at NBCC before furthering his education at the Alberta College of Art and Design. He later moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from NSCAD University in June 2009. He is an ARTS NB 2011 grant recipient, and has been awarded artist in residence positions in Iceland (summer 2010), Costa Rica (summer 2011), and a future at the new Centre des Arts et de la Culture de Dieppe, New Brunswick (fall 2011).

Since 2007, he has displayed paintings in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the Atlantic Provinces, Iceland and a coming solo show at the National Gallery of Contemporary Art, Costa Rica.

Jared Betts - Wildlife Preservation  

Wildlife Preservation
acrylic on canvas
24"W x 36"H



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