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Kristina Sobstad


Kristina Sobstad is an up and coming abstract painter. Her oils on canvas explore a visual relation between colours and senses. Being able to synthesize sound, taste, touch and smell into a common unifying palette, is both humbling and encompassing for the artist, as all life and sensation form part of a larger whole.

Kristina seeks to go beyond the boundaries of the aesthetic and into the purely sensory, to envelope the viewer with her large scale paintings and convey sensation by brushstroke, movement and colour. Her latest work is inspired by music. Different instruments and musical pieces, as seen by her eyes, are largely harmonious, monochromatic compositions with spikes of colour indicating crescendos.

A recent graduate from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Kristina has started to exhibit and sell in galleries across the province, with plans for an exhibit in Norway this year.


oil on canvas
5'W x 2.5'H

    Xylophone Mandoline


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