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Lloyd Klassen


Lloyd Klassen is a sculptor/carver working primarily in wood. His expressive sculptures are mostly abstracted figures, faces, gestures, with the material being as vital to the artwork as the subject itself: the grain of the wood, the texture, the warmth of tone and the play of colour, the softness or hardness of a line. There is a constant tension between the natural and handmade elements working to uncover something of the essence of the wood itself, as well as expressing something uniquely and delightfully human.

He has an honours degree in philosophy from the University of Winnipeg. Though a self-taught sculptor, Lloyd admits to having a natural inclination and talent for carving from the start. He learned woodworking under several craftsmen, gradually evolving into creating furniture and finally to carving and sculpture. He draws inspiration stylistically from the work of Henri Moore, though he finds more affinity with Constantin Brancussi’s in his treatment and reverence for the material and the medium.

Lloyd’s work is in private collections throughout North America.

Untitled spalted western maple sculpture 9"x7.5"x  

spalted Western maple
9"W x 7.5"D x 17"H

    Lloyd Klassen - Élan vital Lloyd Klassen - Untitled


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