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Rob Maloney


Sculptor Rob Maloney works primarily in stone, often alabaster.

His works are minimalistic and elegant in form, expressing his admiration for nature and his material. Guided by his medium, he exploits its texture and shape while transcending its essential characteristics to create deceivingly soft, light and bright forms. His animals, figures and natural objects seem to come to life with line movement and energy. Finishing every surface and setting them in pivoting stands so the viewer can delight in all sides of this truly three-dimensional artwork, is Rob’s signature.

After obtaining a certificate in Fine Arts at St. Lawrence College, Ontario in 1996, Rob furthered his sculpture studies at the Ottawa School of Art under John Sadler; bronze casting at the Australian National Art School; and clay sculpture under Pam Cowper at the Hazelhurst Arts Centre, Australia.

Rob has exhibited in numerous juried shows throughout Australia and Canada.

Rob Maloney - Faces  

talc sculpture
6"W x 14"H

  Under Way Form #1 Faces


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