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Rosa Carr


Rosa Carr is a visual artist working in mixed media, acrylic and watercolour. While her subject matter is as varied as the media she works with, she is most drawn to landscape and florals. Characteristic of her style is an impasto mixed media technique that builds a dimensional relief and yet manages to remain soft and diffuse like all of her images, hinting at fond memories veiled by time.

Although Rosa took colour theory, intaglio and relief printmaking courses at NSCAD and various artist led workshops, she is largely self taught. Disregarding conventions and traditional techniques, led her to develop her own unique style. Rosa credits her growth as an artist to the support of her peers and friends, as well as a drive to inspire the imagination of others, as art does in her.

Rosa's works are in private collections throughout the United States and Canada.

Queen Anne's Lace  

Queen Anne's Lace
mixed media
10"W x 16"H


    Gone Fishing Queen Anne's Lace


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