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Sandy Moser


Sandy Moser is a visual artist working primarily in acrylics, though she also works in gouache, pastels, and watercolor. At a glance her subject matter is wildlife and animals, however, indirectly they are about family, nature and environmental issues. She has a realistic approach layering thin acrylic glazes while focusing on the details that distinguish animals: feathers and fur.

She is largely self taught, although she has taken workshops with Zoltan Szabo, Cheng Khee Chee, Tom Forrestal, Lloyd Pretty, Ron Decker and Derek Wicks, among other renowned artists. With a degree from the Nova Scotia Teacher’s College, Sandy herself taught art classes for 15 years and continues to teach workshops.

Sandy has been the recipient of many awards and competitions relating to realism, wildlife or otherwise. She has been featured on television, in newspapers and publications. Her work is in private collections in Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Europe; with two pieces in the Nova Scotia government’s collection at Province House in Halifax.

Eyes'm Wide Awake  

Eyes'm Wide Awake
acrylic on canvas
16"W x 20"H

Sandy Moser - In the Wink of an Eye Sandy Moser - The Catch Sandy Moser - The Early Bird gets the Fish Sandy Moser - Innocence
Sandy Moser - Fence Post Advantage (& detail) Sandy Moser - Getting Cozy Sandy Moser - Under Momma's Wing Sandy Moser - Brotherhood
Sandy Moser - Tuckered Out Sandy Moser - Curious ( timber wolf) Sandy Moser - Loon Dance Sandy Moser - 'Eye'm Wide Awake' acrylic


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