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Teresa Bergen


Teresa Bergen is a ceramic artist creating playful, interactive pieces of sculpture and pottery. Her unique work is as hard to describe as it is to forget. Pushing the boundaries of her medium is one of Teresa’s trademarks, along with the use of strong colour, bold patterns, and a vivid story that comes to life with movement. Cranks, pulleys, gears and wheels invite you to be part of her characters’ performance, as they cycle, romance, or use a potter’s wheel. Obviously drawing inspiration from her own life and tastes, this personal touch engages on a deeper level beyond the surprise, visual and tactile appeal of her artwork. Ceramics truly have never been as creative or fun, as in Teresa’s hands.

She obtained a Diploma of Fine Art at Langara College in Vancouver, and later a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax in 2001.

Teresa was the recipient of a Creation Grant from the Nova Scotia Department of Tourism and Culture in 2008. Her work is highly collectable and is sought through out Canada and the United States.

Juggling Cyclist

Juggling Unicyclist
Interactive clay sculpture
13"W x 31" H



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